Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oracle RAC VIP nodes configuration

I got several emails and instead of answering all the problems privately to each of them, I decided to address the issues here on the blog.
So we can share our problems with others.

Oscar Javier Flores Gutierrez asked:

Please Tarry, tell me , I do it of the correct way OR?

How I must to configure my VIP address?

Please Just help me with this couse is the only mistake that i have, this error:

No se ha encontrado un juego de interfaces adecuado para VIP.

Resultado: Fallo de comprobaci¾n de conectividad de nodos.

or english somthing like this.. "No found a Set of Interface to VIP",


Just help me on how you configure your Ips, how,?

My Answer:

Javier looking at your hosts file, I see that you have set the IPs as follows: vmware01w2k3 in DNS vmware01w2k3 vmware01w2k3-vip in host file vmware01w2k3-vip vmware01w2k3-priv in DNS and host file vmware01w2k3-priv

NOTE: VIPs can be in the hosts file (not necessary though) but they must be registered in your DNS and doing a ping machinename-vip should (before the installation) give you machine not found error (I'm using simple language) and later on (after RAC installation) it will ping successfully.

So, register both your pubic as well as VIP addresses in your DNS server and keep the private (10.x.x.x, 192.x.x.x,172.x.x.x type of ip ranges are private ranges) NICs (which you will be using for high speed interconnect and RAC's cache fusion technology) in your hosts file.

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