Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oracle RAC on Windows Technical Hands-On Workshop

The Adoption labs in Redmond is putting up this workshop to train Oracle newbies and DBAs alike to use Windows 2003 server as the OS to run Oracle. Check out the details...


This class is designed for the DBA, system designer or system architect who is familiar with the Oracle database. The student will build on that knowledge in order to become proficient with the integration of Oracle’s real application clusters (RAC) under Microsoft (MS) Windows Server on a storage area network (SAN).


Larry Pedigo, Performance Tuning Corporation

Anu Chawla, Microsoft Corporation

Frank Mcbath

BIO of Larry

Senior Performance Consultant with extensive training experience. Serves as instructor for a number of Oracle database related software courses, and has been responsible for development of a Corporate Training program. As a Senior Performance Tuning Consultant, Larry performs consulting engagements for Performance Tuning Corporation, specializing in Oracle Real Application Clusters. He has authored several White Papers for PTC, and holds professional certifications for both Oracle Administration and Informix Administration. Larry has taught several training courses for PTC, and is responsible for expanding PTC’s training program

Bio of Anu

Anu works as a Technical Specialist at Microsoft for the past three years in the Premier ISV Group. He is a former Oracle DBA (Oracle Certified Professional) and has been enterprise DBA at SBC Communications in Chicago. For the past three years he has been focused on technical readiness and evangelism with Premier ISV’s like Siebel and Oracle.

Frank Mcbath

FRANK McBATH is an SQL Server specialist in Microsoft's Premier ISV group specializing in architecting and implementing large database installations. Before joining Microsoft, McBath worked for several Fortune 100 firms and consulting houses.

Course Objectives

More than sixty percent of SANs deployed today will use one of the major relational database management systems to run applications and present increasing amounts of valuable information to end users. The Optimizing Oracle RAC on Windows course combines in-depth technical training on SAN fundamentals with Oracle database and clustering concepts, to provide the student with a comprehensive ability to plan, configure and deploy Oracle RAC in a NAS or SAN environment. After completing this class, the student will have all the basics to maximize their Oracle database and SAN investment and increase their enterprise IT value. Optimizing Oracle RAC on Windows training is designed for the system designer, system architect and database administrator. This class will cover not only the architecture and function of the storage subsystem, but how it interacts with Oracle database and how it should be configured in a database environment.

Topics covered in this course include

* Introduction to Storage, NAS & SAN Architecture

* In-depth I/O and RAID overview

* Oracle Database Architecture

* Oracle I/O usage

* Planning and deploying Oracle in a SAN or NAS environment

* Oracle on Windows — NAS & SAN performance topics

Curriculum Summary

This is an outline of the five (3) day class agenda:

* Overview of Oracle on Windows

* Physical and Virtual Memory

* 32-bit vs. 64-bit Windows and Oracle

* Overview of Oracle RAC

* Introduction to Storage, NAS & SANs

* I/O & RAID Subsystems

* MS Windows Server Overview

* MS Windows Server Architecture

* MS Windows Server Networking

* MS Windows Server Tools and Registry

* File Systems and Disk Administration

* Tuning MS Windows Server for Oracle

* Oracle Database Overview

* Oracle & Storage

* Oracle I/O Topics

* Oracle Performance Issues

* Configuring the Storage Subsystem for Optimal Performance


The student must be familiar with Oracle 8 or Oracle 9i database. No prior experience with a SAN is required.

Lab Work

This course includes hands-on labs where the student can become familiar with the SAN hardware in an Oracle database environment.

Who will benefit from this course?

The Oracle DBA or database architect/designer that is responsible for configuring, monitoring and tuning the Oracle database will benefit from the knowledge that he or she will receive from this course. DBAs will be able to optimally integrate and configure their SAN for optimal Oracle database performance.

Check it out at their site.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Italian SysCon site publishes my Quest's Press Release

I try to keep a track on some critical technologies(including my own profile) through Google Alert. The alert does a reasonable job at it. And this one republished it yesterday there.

Nice to see some decent mention once in a while.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g Downloads!

Oracle has been talking about the search version for quite some time. And given that SAP will have that kind (structured and unstructured data) of search functionality in it's NetWeaver, Oracle wanted to be first there.

Anyways read it here and download the Linux version here.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Visioncore's ESX Replicator

Playing the news delivery boy here. "Real-Time Replication for ESX Server" is pretty neat. Is it really true and possible? Check out the interview here.

Check out VisionCore Website yourself.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Next Audio blog about "Virtualization : VMware and beyond"

Well I meant the podcast site that I just launched a few days back. I am also planning to
  • Do a classroom blackboard kind of sessions (I know, I'll have to dress right and shave and make my (GSE) Garage Server Environment look more professional..ahem...cleaner)
  • Do some demonstrative work with the technologies I like and am attracted to. Well it could be hacking a playstation, VMware, Google, Oracle, Building Linux Cluster the Google way, Virtualization in Java, Apache Clustering, well anything.

I will talk briefly about certain technologies I'm pretty much nuts about. Yep, it's VMware's Products like ESX Server, VMware's free Virtual Server etc and then running mission critical applications like Oracle RAC on top of it.

I think advocating and evagelising about technologies (VMware) that
  • are rock solid
  • are bonding with all hardware and software vendors forming alliances that will make the very partners wiser
  • make solid difference to your budget
  • make you proud to have taken the right decision by deploying and not let it (decision making) succumb to your bounded awareness
I've never got tired of talking about Oracle databases and VMware and Google steal my heart much the same way.

So stay tuned, fellas :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

RACing ahead with Oracle on VMWare - Part 8 today!

It will be up today. I have also given a brief introduction to VMware's Virtual Center there. And in the coming weeks we will also talk about the ESX 2.5 and ESX 3.0 beta. I have dedicated a googlepage for ESX 3.0 and will try to talk about it there.