Friday, March 10, 2006

Next Audio blog about "Virtualization : VMware and beyond"

Well I meant the podcast site that I just launched a few days back. I am also planning to
  • Do a classroom blackboard kind of sessions (I know, I'll have to dress right and shave and make my (GSE) Garage Server Environment look more professional..ahem...cleaner)
  • Do some demonstrative work with the technologies I like and am attracted to. Well it could be hacking a playstation, VMware, Google, Oracle, Building Linux Cluster the Google way, Virtualization in Java, Apache Clustering, well anything.

I will talk briefly about certain technologies I'm pretty much nuts about. Yep, it's VMware's Products like ESX Server, VMware's free Virtual Server etc and then running mission critical applications like Oracle RAC on top of it.

I think advocating and evagelising about technologies (VMware) that
  • are rock solid
  • are bonding with all hardware and software vendors forming alliances that will make the very partners wiser
  • make solid difference to your budget
  • make you proud to have taken the right decision by deploying and not let it (decision making) succumb to your bounded awareness
I've never got tired of talking about Oracle databases and VMware and Google steal my heart much the same way.

So stay tuned, fellas :-)

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