Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oracle 10G RAC on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition

Just like the previous one, this one is done as well. Now all I have to do is to upload the step by step print screens on to my gallery. I promise also to put it all on PDF so you all can down load it from my document section on my site.

I am also working on...
  • RHEL 3 Oracle 10g RAC
  • RHEL 4 Oracle 10g RAC
  • SLES 9 Oracle 10g RAC
I think slowly we'll move on to working our way up to the Oracle 10g RAC as the product is here for quite sometime now.

Then we'll try all kinds of scenarios like migrating a 9i single instance to a 9i RAC (or better yet 10g RAC), expand nodes. But most important stuff will be to start running load testing and management tools like
So lot's of fun things to come.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oracle 9i RAC on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition

I'm busy setting up the Oracle 9iR2 RAC on Windows 2003 Ent. Edition. (Patience children, we'll do the Redhat and SuSe as well in the coming days). Well I got kind of tired playing around in all kinds of technologies and would want to get back to *my* Oracle :-).

Will edit(this post tomorrow) on the details.

So what will we be needing?

Ok the deal is simple, like a real cluster ought to be. We'll have two instances (well you can go on a create more if you like) but let's just start with the two first.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Startup Oracle 9i/10g Performance Sessions

Alrite ladies! Here I've launched another version where we'll talk on a more serious note and tone about certain basic oracle performance issues.
We'll talk about
o DataGuard
o Flashback
o RAC performance
o Installation issues
o OS performance: Linux(Redhat,SuSe)/Unix(Solaris) Issues
and lot's more...

So hang tight! We're gonna start cooking soon...