Monday, October 03, 2005

Startup Oracle 9i/10g Performance Sessions

Alrite ladies! Here I've launched another version where we'll talk on a more serious note and tone about certain basic oracle performance issues.
We'll talk about
o DataGuard
o Flashback
o RAC performance
o Installation issues
o OS performance: Linux(Redhat,SuSe)/Unix(Solaris) Issues
and lot's more...

So hang tight! We're gonna start cooking soon...


Amar said...

Great, I'll be looking forward to this, especially the OS performance isuues...


PS: Why only blogger users are allowed to post comments??

Tarry said...

Funny I noticed it too. I'll check the settings.

And indeed I decided to put my activities in my playground( at work and at home)to work. And report some issues here on the blog.