Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oracle RAC and OpenSSH: Configuring SSH&SCP

Article published as of yesterday. Check it out at DBAsupport and DatabaseJournal

I will write in detail about OpenSSH soon. Its a really cool thing to know about security and secure your applications like Oracle with it. And then I'll link it to the above articles.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Oracle 10g RAC on VMware"Training in the Netherlands

Yes! Its time to push it on to the next level. I was already gunning to do something with it and and I am currently in talks with some training centers who have expressed their desire for offering "Oracle 10g RAC trainings" in the Netherlands.

Deal is simple. We will taget the whole of Netherlands but not limit our scope to Netherlands alone.

Me and the interested parties are very excited. We will be doing the same:
  • Oracle 10g RAC on Linux with VMware GSX Server or ESX Server
  • Oracle 10g RAC on Unix (Solaris)*
  • Oracle 10g RAC on Windows 2003 with VMware GSX or ESX Server
The great deal is that the students will learn about two greatest technologies working in tandem. Oracle RAC and VMware's Virtualization software.

*I know VMware/Oracle still need to provide support for the Solaris 10. But we will try to cook something on VMware.