Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oracle 11g sneak peak has RAC imporvements!

Well some are excited and some are not! According to Don Burleson
“They’re trying to make Oracle so simple a 12-year-old could install it,”

Well I wouldn't have expected anything else. And besides we shouldn't forget that that 12 year old should also be able to manage it. Read more here. Anyways its time to compete with easy-peasy (like Jamie Oliver would say) databases like MySQL. Don't expect to bank too much hopes in Oracle database technologies (unless you work for Oracle ofcourse) for your job prospects as a DBA/Developer.

I am myself a bit skepticle of the "heavyweight nature of their flagship product", they have to start slimming it down and slicing it into logical components so that it can be :
  • Flexible
  • Deployable globally
  • A pluggable commodity service
  • and eventually as a Virtual Appliance
Or else I'm afraid that they will eventually lose out to the likes of MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.

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