Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oracle 10gR2 RAC : Solaris 10 U1 on ESX 3.0

I've started working towards installing the OS and then we will continue with our quest on RAC on ESX 3.0.

Want to know more about the installation/other details:

So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

First of all thanks for that great article on Oracle RAC right here,

I started working towards setting up RAC in solaris using your approach..i have a windows machine with vmware installed in it.. So far installed 2 virtual Solaris10 OS ...i assigned 2 different IP address to both solaris m/cs and now i can ping/telnet/ftp b/w those machines as well as from host..So before proceeding furthur i have a question for you, Can i try your windows approach with my need..Will i be successfull setting up RAC with Vmware in Solaris?

Can you pls point me to a direction regarding this? All i want is to run RAC in Solaris . What do you think are the challenges which i will have to face?

thanks, rajesh

Tarry said...

There is still some talk on Oracle supporting Solaris 10 but I have heard folks having tried that and it seems to have worked perfectly for them.

Sun Cluster is one option but I think if you pick up this installation doc from Oracle, you should be able to succeed.

I personally do refer to manual all the time. Try it. And let me know if it worked out ;-). In the meantime I'll have something ready next week. (a three node cluster)

Anonymous said...

Yes, pleased to say that 10g r1 on solaris x86 on vmware gsx worked like charm for me.
had to dig a mountain for a rat though.
waiting for ocfs for solaris to make life more smoother.
Lakshmi Narayana