Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Microsoft Windows 2003 and Oracle database 10g R2 with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2!

I got a call from Microsoft and most probably we will be setting up a community with the sole purpose of
  • Spreading awareness of Oracle 10g R2 RAC on Windows 2003
  • Using Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 R2
  • Building a community around the Oracle RAC on Windows OS
Taking the experience and awareness level to a new high by
  • Creating Labs
  • Creating Workshops
  • Even Webinars (why not?)
We are up for interesting times and I was personally pleased with the talks as Microsoft's OS is going to get more meat. I expect Windows platform to not just be a platform for SQL Server (although there is nothing wrong with it when deployed effectively) but be open for any database be it DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, anything.

Ok we know, with Windows used massively all around the world it's a no-brainer for any startup firm that it'll build a win32 or win64(?) application first. But it's not just download and install , it's also about running it and seeing it successfully being deployed in your production environment.

Windows can be a very robust platform and the whole idea to run mission critical applications and databases like Oracle RAC will spread massive awareness and even wake up the Unix/Linux DBAs to come forward and adopt the Oracle RAC on windows. (Watch my "Redhot IT Future" articles where I will dedicate a whole article on "versatilism" where we have to get out of the locked down, slashdotted, linux/unix only mindset and go out on the street and see what the "REAL" world looks like)

As what we (the gentleman I spoke to) agreed that it's all about getting the truth out on the street. That YES you can and should be running Oracle on Windows.

What I will be getting is :

Stay tuned for these developments and I'm gonna make sure that we will do something really worthwhile on it.

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